“Once you have gone that far and penetrated so deeply into it, you will discover that in the unconscious, in the dark corners of the mind, there is buried a feeling of complete loneliness, of isolation, and that is the fundamental cause of fear.
But you will never ignore this if you avoid it, if you avoid it, if you do not descend into it without giving it a name.
Our mind must come face to face with the fact of complete inner loneliness and not allow itself to change anything about that fact.
That exceptional something called solitude is the deepest being of the self, the “I” with all its harassment, all its cleverness, its surrogate tricks, with its veil of words in which the mind becomes trapped.
Only when the human mind is able to rise above that ultimate loneliness does freedom – the absolute freedom of fear – appear. Only then will you independently know what is real, that immeasurable energy source that has no beginning and no end.
However, as long as the mind generates its own fears in terms of time, it is incapable of understanding what is timeless.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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