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Nullification You know, man doesn’t stand forever, his nullification. Once, there will be a reaction, and I see it setting in, you know, when I think of my patients, they all seek their own existence and to assure their existence against that complete atomization into nothingness or into meaninglessness. Man cannot stand a meaningless life.

~C.G. Jung Speaking, Pages 438-439.
Weißt du, der Mensch steht nicht für immer, seine Aufhebung. Einmal wird es eine Reaktion geben, und ich sehe, dass sie einsetzt. Wenn ich an meine Patienten denke, suchen sie alle ihre eigene Existenz und versichern ihre Existenz gegen diese vollständige Zerstäubung in Nichts oder in Sinnlosigkeit. Der Mensch kann ein bedeutungsloses Leben nicht ertragen.

~ C.G. Jung Speaking, Seiten 438-439.
Weet je, de mens houdt niet eeuwig stand, zijn afschaffing/vernedering. Op een dag zal er een reactie komen en ik kan het zien beginnen. Als ik aan mijn patiënten denk, zoeken ze allemaal hun eigen bestaan ​​en verzekeren ze hun bestaan ​​tegen deze volledige atomisering in het niets of nutteloosheid. De mens kan een zinloos leven niet uitstaan.

~ C.G. Jung Speaking, blz.438-439.
Jung I know Jungs beroemdste citaat op televisie kwam nadat hem werd gevraagd of hij in God geloofde. Hij antwoordde: "Ik hoef het niet te geloven, ik weet." (Jung 1959a, p. 428). Jungs berühmtestes Zitat im Fernsehen kam, nachdem er gefragt wurde, ob er an Gott glaube. Er antwortete: "Ich muss nicht glauben, ich weiß" (Jung 1959a, S. 428). La citation la plus célèbre de Jung à la télévision est venue après qu'on lui ait demandé s'il croyait en Dieu. Il a répondu: «Je n'ai pas à croire, je sais» (Jung 1959a, p. 428). Jung’s most famous televised quote came after he was asked if he believed in God. He replied, “I don’t need to believe, I know” (Jung 1959a, p. 428). Thomas, Mary and Jesus The
of Thomas
van Thomas
Man as a mountaineer,
who has lost his way,
is in the fog
and nowhere to go....
He has his name called, so he knows where to go. A gnostic is a men that know, what he is, where he comes from, where he is and where he goes.
The teachings as written down by 'Thomas', translated by Bram Moerland I would still use as a powerful collection of analogies that allow for guidance in the mythical divine aspects as well as the earthly side of life
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The Gospel of Thomas
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“Reminder of a thousand years ago-reincarnation
which essentially amounts to the same as yesterday.
Why would we call that REINCARNATION
and not the incarnation of yesterday, that is
that we were born today. But we think so
not pleasant, because we think we are exceptional
are beings, or that we have time enough to
to grow, to become something, to incarnate again.
But what then incarnates, you never have that
wondered-that is your memory. There is nothing sacred or special about it.
Once we see how much
weight has the memory and how completely unimportant it is, we never speak of reincarnation again.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti, The eagle in its flight

“Freedom cannot be given; freedom happens to you if you don’t look for it; it comes into being when you realize that you are a prisoner, when you have understood the conditioning, when you know that you are being held captive by society and traditions, by everything you have been told. Freedom is order – it is never disorder – and an individual must be totally free, both outwards and inwards; without freedom there is no clarity, no love and no truth; without freedom you cannot ignore the limitations of the mind. You have to claim your freedom with your whole being. If you claim it that way you will discover what order means. Order cannot be found in following anything … The real revolution cannot be achieved from a superficial level; it is embedded in our hearts and minds and can only be achieved if we have gained deep insight into the entire process of our daily existence in all our relationships. Only then does a possibility arise to prevent the technical knowledge used for the destruction of humans. A mind that has grasped the nature of pleasure and fear can no longer be violent and can therefore live in peace with itself and the world.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

“Once you have gone that far and penetrated so deeply into it, you will discover that in the unconscious, in the dark corners of the mind, there is buried a feeling of complete loneliness, of isolation, and that is the fundamental cause of fear.
But you will never ignore this if you avoid it, if you avoid it, if you do not descend into it without giving it a name.
Our mind must come face to face with the fact of complete inner loneliness and not allow itself to change anything about that fact.
That exceptional something called solitude is the deepest being of the self, the “I” with all its harassment, all its cleverness, its surrogate tricks, with its veil of words in which the mind becomes trapped.
Only when the human mind is able to rise above that ultimate loneliness does freedom – the absolute freedom of fear – appear. Only then will you independently know what is real, that immeasurable energy source that has no beginning and no end.
However, as long as the mind generates its own fears in terms of time, it is incapable of understanding what is timeless.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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