35 The betrayal of your own heart


Jesus said:
No one is able to house a strong man to invade and overpower,
unless he binds his hands,
then he will plunder the house.

Total ‘freeness’ reigns in your inner world. If you attach yourself to something in the world, you do it yourself. Attached or detached, to what is and what is not, you decide for yourself. That is your freeness, the freeness that is the hallmark of everyone’s inner world.

That is the starting point for understanding this logion.

Because it’s about attaching. And detach.

Incidentally, it is not necessarily wrong to attach yourself to something. Why should you not attach yourself to your loved one? There is nothing wrong with it when children attach themselves to their parents and parents to their children. You can even connect with freedom in moral values ​​and stand for that in the world. Attaching is part of life.

And of course, you can detach yourself again and we all know that this can be a very painful process, for example if you lose a loved one. That is why you may come across the view that it is better to never attach yourself to anything again. When you are completely detached, you know for sure that you will never suffer pain again. At least that’s what you think. But you have to pay a high price for that untouchability. You must stop your heart. And that has major consequences. Because you can’t love anymore.

Pain is the other side of love. There is pain because of the loss of a loved one, because that fellow person, yes, exactly, was a loved one. If you love someone you can suffer pain if you lose your fellow man. If you do not love someone, you will not suffer any pain if that person disappears from your life.

Do you want your life to be supported by love? Then be prepared to suffer pain.

Do you want a painless life, completely detached? Then make your heart cold so that you will never again run the risk of loving.

But whoever does that also loses his inner compass. A life without love is directionless. You must then surrender to an outer authority, which tells you what to do, so a Führer. And there are a lot of them, in shapes and sizes. They stand around you with impatience to take control of your life from you.

But how do Führers succeed in attaching people to him, apparently outside their will? No, they don’t do that outside of the will of those people. They entice those people to attach themselves to them and betray their own inner compass of love. How do they do that?

To this end, the Führer must first “tie hands” with those people, says this logion.

What do they do then, the Führer, to persuade a person to give up their inner compass and become a will-less tool in someone else’s hands?

This requires a ‘higher case’.

Let me give an example.

In the year 2003 there was an interview on television with the Hitler secretary. The interviewer asked her: “But didn’t you feel sorry for all those Jewish people?”

Her answer was surprising: “Yes, of course,” she said, “but I thought I should sacrifice pity for a higher cause.”

Another example.

Adolf Eichmann, the cold organizer of the Jewish “Endlösung,” told a journalist how he had once been looking at a concentration camp. There, a Jewish mother had lifted her child behind an iron fence to show it to Eichmann in a demonstrative way. Eichmann told how he started shaking all over his body and almost collapsed. He decided never to watch again and continued to do his executioner remotely, loyal to his Führer.

It is therefore special that these two people were touched in their hearts by the fate of their fellow human beings.
In this way we are all constantly called by our own heart. What are you doing then? The secretary and Eichmann, decided to betray that concern and “sacrifice” it to “a higher cause.” They had their hands tied.
Yes, then your house will be looted, says this logion, so that all your talents will be in the service of that supposed “higher cause.” You have become an impersonal, literally unloving tool in the hands of a Führer.
In this way, even in the service of an institution that preaches love, you can become an inquisitor who puts fellow people on the stake. Because the preached love of an institution is not the love of the heart.
So that’s how you can seduce someone into betraying their own heart. By holding out to them an illusion of a “higher cause” and thus moving them freely to extinguish the fire of love in their own hearts, thus detaching themselves from their own compassion. Yes, that will make you ice cold. Then you can commit the most heinous atrocities.
And don’t think that such a thing only happened in Nazi Germany. Where else then? This is what the next logion is about.

[mva_r] free and dome seem to contradict eachother


Logion 35

Gospel of Philip 11
“The powers wanted to mislead people because they saw that they are related to the true good. They took his name from what is good and gave it to the bad to deceive the people with that name and to bind them to the bad.
And oh, how nice they are to people! As a favor, one may accept their false goodness.
But they knew what they were doing. They wanted to capture the free man and make them their slaves forever.
These powers mislead people because they did not want him to be saved.”

LG35^BM #~GPhilippus

“Freedom cannot be given; freedom happens to you if you don’t look for it; it comes into being when you realize that you are a prisoner, when you have understood the conditioning, when you know that you are being held captive by society and traditions, by everything you have been told. Freedom is order – it is never disorder – and an individual must be totally free, both outwards and inwards; without freedom there is no clarity, no love and no truth; without freedom you cannot ignore the limitations of the mind. You have to claim your freedom with your whole being. If you claim it that way you will discover what order means. Order cannot be found in following anything … The real revolution cannot be achieved from a superficial level; it is embedded in our hearts and minds and can only be achieved if we have gained deep insight into the entire process of our daily existence in all our relationships. Only then does a possibility arise to prevent the technical knowledge used for the destruction of humans. A mind that has grasped the nature of pleasure and fear can no longer be violent and can therefore live in peace with itself and the world.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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