36 The willingness to be touched in your heart


Jesus said:
do not worry
from the morning to the evening
and from the evening to the morning
with which you will dress.

This logion is about a very special attitude to life. What is it like?

First there is the judgmentless seeing, without all kinds of fixed thoughts about good and evil, about us and them.

Then there is the willingness to be touched in your heart.

Your actions in the world result from that concern.

If you are that way in life, and even if you only intend to be that way in life, a loving power will present itself to you. But above all you will gain the experience of ‘fullness’, as it is called in Gnostics, the feeling of leading a fulfilled life. The meaning of existence is not a thought. Life makes sense for you when your actions in the world go together with the experience of meaning. Or, to put it briefly: Life makes sense if you feel like it.

But suppose you acted today from the touch of your heart. You have given meaning to your life. Then there is the danger, and that is what this logion is about, that you think: Now I know what the meaning of my life is, namely that I always ……. (fill in as you please). And then tomorrow you will try to repeat the meaning of today by acting exactly the same way. But then your heart is no longer your inner compass, but your memory.

And that is exactly the same soul movement as when you turn yourself in to an external authority, as discussed in the previous logion. You only surrender to the truth of yesterday.

If you want to live in a way that rewards you with the inner experience of meaning, be prepared to open the windows of your soul every day. If you live like that, your intended attitude to life, you will be able to experience that the power in you that we spoke about earlier is not only becoming more loving, but also very creative. Then, as your actions in the world result from the touch of your heart, and thus from the connection with the source within yourself, you co-creator of life on earth, again and again.

Tomorrow another day awaits, a new heaven, a new earth. But above all: a new heart. At least if you are willing to open the windows of your soul every morning.


Logion 36

“Reminder of a thousand years ago-reincarnation
which essentially amounts to the same as yesterday.
Why would we call that REINCARNATION
and not the incarnation of yesterday, that is
that we were born today. But we think so
not pleasant, because we think we are exceptional
are beings, or that we have time enough to
to grow, to become something, to incarnate again.
But what then incarnates, you never have that
wondered-that is your memory. There is nothing sacred or special about it.
Once we see how much
weight has the memory and how completely unimportant it is, we never speak of reincarnation again.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti, The eagle in its flight

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