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Gilles Quispel The Gospel of Thomas
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...there are aspects of Jung’s work far beyond this that I want to discuss. And first of all I want to call attention to one. Fundamental principle that underlay all his work was most extraordinary and exemplified in Jung himself as a person. And this is what I would call his recognition of the polarity of life. That is to say, his resistance to what is to my mind, the disastrous and absurd hypothesis. That there is in this unit of us a radical and absolute conflict between good and evil light of the dark in us that can never never never be harmonised. his recognition of the polarity of life I have always remained for myself in the position of the comparative philosopher, wanting to balance east and west rather than to go overboard with enthusiasm for exotic imports. - Alan Watts This conflict has come up to us in a very vivid way in recent days. With the trial of Adolph Eichman. And with Arthur Kuster’s passionate denunciation of any sort of philosophy of life and he’s thinking in mind he has in mind particularly eastern philosophy is like mom Buddhism and Hinduism which so the absolute differences between good and evil. That in then Name one could justify the sort of crimes which were committed in the concentration camps of Germany and it’s interesting too that certain people accused. Also of Nazi sympathizers. Because he too would not subscribe. To the absolute state of a war between good and evil. Going down to the very roots of the universe. Obviously, when certain crimes and catastrophe is a human emotions deeply on rights they are roused. And I would. For myself say that were I in any situation. Where on I was operating. I would be roused to a degree of fury. That I can hardly imagine my present existence but I know it would come out from me I would oppose. Those thoughts of villains with all the energy that I have. And if I was trapped in such a situation I would fight it to the end. But at the same time, I would recognize the relativity of my own emotional involvement. I would know that I was fighting a man like Eichman, in the same way, shall we say as a spider and a wast. Insects which naturally prey upon one another and fight when I do so. But as a human being I would not be able to regard my adversary. As a metaphysical devil that is to say as one who represented the principle of absolute an unresolvable evil.

And I think this is the most important thing in your Jung. That he was able to point out. That he to the degree that you couldn’t damn others. And find evil and others. You ought to that degree unconscious of the same thing in yourself. Or at least of the potentiality of it. There can be Eichmanns and Hitlers and Himmlers. Just because there are people who are unconscious. Of their own doc sides and they project that documents outward into say Jews all communists or whatever the enemy may be and say there is the darkness it is not in me and therefore because the darkness is not in me I am justified in annihilating this enemy, whether it be with atom bombs or gas chambers or what. But to the degree that a person becomes conscious that the evil is as much in himself as in the other. To this same degree he is not like to project it onto to some scapegoat and to Mitt. The most and commit them as criminal acts of violence on other people.
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