“Freedom cannot be given; freedom happens to you if you don’t look for it; it comes into being when you realize that you are a prisoner, when you have understood the conditioning, when you know that you are being held captive by society and traditions, by everything you have been told. Freedom is order – it is never disorder – and an individual must be totally free, both outwards and inwards; without freedom there is no clarity, no love and no truth; without freedom you cannot ignore the limitations of the mind. You have to claim your freedom with your whole being. If you claim it that way you will discover what order means. Order cannot be found in following anything … The real revolution cannot be achieved from a superficial level; it is embedded in our hearts and minds and can only be achieved if we have gained deep insight into the entire process of our daily existence in all our relationships. Only then does a possibility arise to prevent the technical knowledge used for the destruction of humans. A mind that has grasped the nature of pleasure and fear can no longer be violent and can therefore live in peace with itself and the world.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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